• Fiber Laser Marking Machines | Cutting and Engraving Systems

  • Our Laser Marking applications are Class I laser-safe for operation in normal production environments. We offer standard turnkey laser marking systems as well as custom systems. The M-Series are modular designed and can be equipped with different lasers to meet customer requirements, whether it be a fixed worktable with a pneumatic lifting door, or a rotary table with a turning bulkhead wall, or a fully customized system to meet individual customer needs.

    All of our systems come with our trademarked, user-friendly MarkUSTM software, details of which are given on the Laser Marking Software page, and we offer a wide selection of options and accessories. We design to meet your unique requirements.

  • Fiber Marking Machines Solutions and its Effectiveness In The Laser Industry in the Past, Present and Future

    Within a short period of time the high – precision laser marking code are found to be in their very long way. When people think about the laser marking strategies, they can realize the practice of the earliest generation where people used nanosecond lasers. People can see a slight melting and color change because of heating method.

    Laser Marking and cold marking

    Our very advanced form of Laser marking is found to be having the different approach as it is combined with the clod marking, a simple application and it is greatly found to be the very extensive one found in the total laser industry. Mostly people see it as an extensive one as it is very much costly and it is greatly famous in the laser industry. This cold marking is highly accomplished along with the ultra short pulse laser. People saw a very great result and it was highly game changing.

    Laser Marking with limited heat

    Our advanced Lasers are found to be a very best one which creates all kinds of marks with very much limited heat and in some occasions the marks are also created without heat. The marks which are created are very much accurate and they are giving guarantee that they marks will never destroy the material and this is the reason for which mostly all the people use this laser. There may also be certain micro fractures and in turn they may slightly damage the little portion of the material’s structural integrity. All these type of markings are highly essential in certain places such as

    • Industry related to aerospace
    • Manufacturing medical device
    • Industry to manufacturing glass

    All these are the few industries which will be greatly in need of these marks and all these marks are also very much valuable one in these industries. Mostly the aerospace industries make use of this effectively when compared to all the other two industries. Even glass industry is in high need of our laser marking systems.

    Desired result are people can greatly obtain the desired result by using the laser systems in their technology and it is proved that our lasers are giving the best and the desired result to the people who use it in their process.

    Full spectrum of laser marking

    Our laser marking systems offers the total spectrum of all the lasers which are used for marking and it is mostly of IR, green and also ultra violet lasers. High value marking capacity is being provided by this and the customers mostly prefer this one for its effectiveness and its efficiency.

    Laser marking is becoming a commodity in the industries and many manufactures offers products but our lasers are giving the higher standard products to their clients and this is the reason for which this high precision marking has become the most important one in the industries and the people also focus on obtaining this one for their business. The main advantage in using it is the desired result can be obtained and it is found to be in the higher standard category. So, people are highly using it for their industrial developments.